Thursday September 8th, 2016

Greetings and welcome back!

In three days we officially kick off the snowmobiling season with Hay Days, easily the biggest show in snowmobiling. I could spend all day writing about it, but that has been done. Check your latest edition of Wisconsin Snowmobiler or go right to their web site.

More fall events..

2016 Wausau Grass Drags & Swap Meet, Saturday & Sunday, September 24-25, 2016. Here is a link.

Snowmobile USA Show- October 14-15-16, 2016 Snowmobile USA Show & Sale Milwaukee, WI. Here is a link.

13th Annual Show & Swap  With the NEW Low Buck Vintage Riders- December 3, 2016 @ 8:00 am5:00 pm @ Gateway Bar & Grill, Hwy 141 Crivitz.
I did not see anything about a reunion or vintage swap on the Eagle River Derby Track web site.
People have asked me in the off season what I think that this winter will be about for snow. Right now I am pretty upbeat about it. The very latest ENSO predictions from NOAA show that they are expecting either neutral conditions or a mild LaNina. Personally my hunch is that it will go very slightly to the warm side. I have nothing scientific to base that on, it is just a hunch.
At any rate, it has been my observation that staying around neutral is a good thing for us as snowmobilers. Right now we are slightly on the cold side of the baseline, and we have been having a good amount of rain. Hopefully that translates well in 90 days or so. As long as we stay around neutral we have a fighting chance at a good winter.
I have been a busy boy this summer and haven’t had time for much of anything. I still have my car parts job 40-50 hours a week, plus drive time 20 miles each way.
My first summer project was setting up a new server for one side of my web sites. Setting up a server and moving almost 30 web sites onto it has taken some time. It has been worth it though, this one is all solid state drive, fast network interface, bla bla bla. You will see faster load times than last year. That is 1/2 servers that I use.
My second summer project was starting Work-Sport-Adventure Sales llc. The focus of that was to sell nice quality LED flashlights & floodlights to C-stores and bait shops, and maybe retail some here and there. Retail sales in August was so crazy that I haven’t had time to go and talk to the stores or even finish my web site. Right now my only store is Country Mart in Athelstane.
Well it is time to get back to work. Have a good fall and thank you for visiting!


March 10th, 2016

Greetings and welcome!

It is over. The GFS is showing winter returning for a couple of weeks from St Patties Day toward the end of the month complete with snow and cold, but unless we get a whole bunch of it, it will be too little too late.

At this point the frost is coming out of the ground and the mud is a foot deep. There are puddles, large and small, and the sun is warm. Even if we got a whole bunch of snow, the ground under it is like Jello, so I doubt that trails would reopen. I know, I know, never say never.

We knew that we were in for a big ElNino this winter, and that those usually end badly for snowmobilers. We can add this one to the tally. I -am- expecting a very different winter next year.

Unfortunately, it is now time to get out the StarTron and fogging oil, and thank you all very much for your support. Have a good summer, and thank you for visiting!


Friday March 4th, 2016

Greetings and welcome!

We have had a cold week and really didn’t go backwards much. The sun is getting hot and the day is 2 hours longer than it was in December, so roads suffered a little.

We have 1-3 or 2-4 coming starting around sunset. That will help the cause.

Dan Guendert found good conditions north of Benson Lake Rd yesterday, that would be my destination.

The way that the weather looks, this weekend is probably last call. here are 3 big storms showing up in the next few weeks, but right now they look like rain and warm weather. While one of them could go our way, it isn’t in the forecast, yet. Ride while you can.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!


Wednesday March 2, 2016

Greetings and welcome!

The radar showed the area getting snow yesterday morning, but it never reached the ground. About the best that we did was some very light flurries.

It did get cold behind the storm though. At lunch yesterday the car showed 15 degrees, and the eventual high was about 25. It got cold last night too, we saw a low of -5.

Saturday’s 1-3 or 2-4 looks like our last best hope unless something changes. Next week’s forecast includes both 50+ temperatures and rain.


Tuesday March 1st, 2016

Greetings and welcome

We had a little freezing rain and about an inch of snow late Sunday afternoon. Monday’s sun ate most of it.

Monday morning about 10am we had a couple of snow squalls move through. They only lasted about 10 minutes each. but it snowed so hard that I couldn’t see 100 yards. Too bad it didn’t last all day.

This morning we are looking ata glancing blow from the far northern reaches of the storm that our friends downstate and south of the border had yesterday and last night. It wasn’t expected, hopefully it gets way out of hand.

Sunday morning I traveled to Antigo, Lakewood, Townsend and Carter. The effects of Saturday’s near 60 degree day were obvious. Some base held up to it, but there was a lot of dirt and gravel. South of Townsend seemed to take it harder. A lot of base in the woods survived, but sunny spots were bad with dirt and gravel common.

We need snow, and not an inch or two, though it wouldn’t take much to revive woods trails and sheltered trails that held base.

This week looks like it will stay below 35 for high temperatures, but there will be some sun. There is a shot at some snow today and Saturday. After that the GFS is showing the bottom dropping out and more warm weather right through the 15th.

Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!



Sunday 2-28-16

Greetings and welcome!

The word of the day is ouch. We saw a high of 57 yesterday, and the sun was out. Between those elements and the wind, we had a bad day for the snow cover. Firm spots were getting slushy, thin spots turned to mud, and there were a lot of big puddles. It was not good.

It is still 34 at 12:30am Sunday.

We are expecting mid-30s and an inch of snow later Sunday, and maybe a little more Monday. The big storm for next week has vanished in the models.

Looking at the GFS it covers out to March 14th. There is cooler weather ahead, and a couple of small storms, but nothing much to get excited about. We could sure use a pleasant surprise in that department.

Have a good Sunday and thank you for visiting!



Thursday 2-25-16

Greetings and welcome!

The first order of business is to pass along information (Thanks Dan G!) that the Iron Snowshoe will open and groom the trails between Thunder Lake Lodge and Crooked Lake for the antique snowmobile benefit ride this Saturday. A lot of those trails are pretty sheltered so they should still hold snow.

We did ok today with temperatures in the low 30s and cloud cover all day. The wind was rippin’ and even blew in a few snow flurries of of Lake Superior.

Tomorrow we will see a little more sun and low 30s.

Saturday is where the bad news starts. Right now the outlook is for mid-40s and sun. No one has mentioned fifty yet. Sunday looks a little better with more clouds and low 40s, followed by rain changing to snow in the afternoon. It is a small storm.

In the meantime it is going to get into the low teens tonight, time to go throw in some firewood. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!



Wednesday 2-24-16

Greetings and welcome!

There is a big storm in the neighborhood, but we are watching from a distance. I was hoping that it would back up a few hundred miles and hit us, but it was not to be. Our next real chance at snow comes late Sunday, with a possible 2-4″.

Around here we need snow. Driving Hwy C out of Wausaukee I was seeing a lot of grass between there and Athelstane. A rider report had Crivitz pretty bare. Closer to home there were tracks that showed the icy base less than an inch under the snow. It was passable but not nice. Roads are mostly bare.

Iron Snowshoe Trails remain closed south of C. Web site reports have Lakewood, Townsend, and the Dun-Good Trails in much better shape than they are here in Silver Cliff. If I were to ride I would probably start up by Benson Lake Rd near Goodman Park and go north.

There is a storm to look forward to just over a week out. As shown tonight on the GFS it would be a good one. At 8 days out the exact path, the rain/snow line, the timing, and the strength of the storm are all pretty variable, but it is good to see that we have a chance.

This Saturday is the Richard Schmidt Memorial Ride from Thunder Lake Lodge to Crooked Lake With the NEW Low Buck Vintage Riders. They will be doing a poker run, drawings and have a great collection of antique snowmobiles there. One problem, the trails are closed. The show will go on though.

UPDATED INFORMATION RE: The Ride / Event Scheduled for Sat. 2/27/16. The event is still on. Snow or no snow. Go in your car to support the local fire dept. This information was sent to me by Lee Schmidt today. (Misfire)

“Just to let you know this event will happen with or without snow. It is a fund raiser for the town of Stephenson fire dept and I’m still looking for all the contributions I can muster for them. I know mother nature is not doing us any favors ( currently the trails south of Cty Hwy C are closed ) but we still have a few days. Snowed lightly last night and snowing lightly now. We can always hope. We will go by vehicle for the poker run part of the day if we can’t ride sleds.
Thank you. Lee Schmidt”

Here is a link to the event page-

That is news for tonight. Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting


Monday 2-22-16

Greetings and welcome!

We had a little freezing drizzle and light snow last night and this morning. The snow added up to a solid 2″ by the time I left for work, and there was at least that much when I got home.

Late morning a friend in Wabeno said that they had 3-3.5″. I’m guessing that we had over two that settled a little. It wasn’t enough to restore the trails to their pre-weekend condition, but it helped cover a lot of the ugliness.

There is a big storm coming to the neighborhood about Wednesday, but right now it looks like we will be watching from the cheap seats. Our friends in IL and the lower U.P. are in for a good one, but we are only in for the wind and cold behind it at this point. It wouldn’t have to back up much to put us in the snow, but it isn’t in the forecast just yet.

We have a chance of some light snow Tuesday night, a little lake effect from the big storm Wednesday, and there is a decent looking small storm for Sunday.

We are looking at daytime highs in the low to mid-30s almost daily. The sun looks like it will be kept at bay most of the week, and at this time of year that is good news.

As far as trail conditions, we need snow. The warm weather and traffic took a big toll on the trails last weekend. The areas that survived with base froze in as solid ice, and some of that is rough from tracks. Areas that wore to grass or gravel have about 2″ of fresh snow.

We were cloudy and in the low 30s today. The snow settled a little and most plowed/treated roads melted off. Untreated roads were bare in sunny spots and a little icy in sheltered areas.

A couple of more snows like today and the conditions will be a lot better.

That is it from here. Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!