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Polaris Snowmobile Belt Cross Reference

Tonight I was looking all over the net to find what stock belt went on my 92 RXL. No one could seem to come up with a Polaris snowmobile belt reference, not even the Polaris parts look up. The best that I came up with was the belt reference out of the Polaris Service Manual Version II (85-95) as follows..

3211042- All Indys except Sport, Lite, 85-90 Star, 87-90 Star Track and 85-89 LongTrack.

3211045- Close tolerance version of the 042 belt

321046- Sport and Sport GT 87-91 with P85 clutch

3211051- Lite 91-92

3211052- Sport, Sport GT, and Starlight Pilot build 1990 with P90 clutch

3211053- Lite GT 1992

3211054- Sport, Sport GT 91-92

3211055- StarLite 91-92

3211057- Storm 93-95

3211058- Lite, Lite GT 93-95

3211059- Sport 93-95

3211060- StarLite 93-95

This is by no means a complete list. It is just what is in the 85-95 service manual, but hopefully it helps some of you. If there are errors or updates, comment below and let me know.

Dave asked about the following belts. This is what I found surfing the net. As such, use the information at your own risk.

3211131- Polaris ATV Belt – Fits 2008 Hawkeye 2×4, 2008-2010 Sportsman 400 HO 4×4, 2008-2010 Sportsman 300 4×4, 2010 Hawkeye 300 2×4, 2011 Hawkeye 2×4

3211104- For use on IQ Race Chassis, Increased service life over Standard belts, May need 1-2 grams heavier drive clutch weight over standard belts Belt Specifications:
Width: 1.438″
Side Angle 28
Center to Center: 10.625″
Outer circumference: 44.875″

 3211058– 2000 POLARIS Indy 340 Deluxe SOOLD3AS
2000 POLARIS Indy 340 Touring SOOLT3AS
2000 POLARIS_Parts S00LD3AS
2000 POLARIS_Parts S00LT3AS
2001 POLARIS Indy 340 Deluxe SO1LD3AS
2001 POLARIS Indy 340 Touring SO1LT3AS
2001 POLARIS_Parts S01LD3AS
2001 POLARIS_Parts S01LT3AS
2002 POLARIS Indy 340 Deluxe SO2LD3AS
2002 POLARIS Indy 340 Touring SO2LT3AS
2002 POLARIS_Parts S02LD3AS
2002 POLARIS_Parts S02LT3AS
2003 POLARIS Indy 340 Touring SO3LT3AS
2003 POLARIS_Parts S03LT3AS

3211073, 3211065,3211127-The 073 Polaris belt is the soft compound replacement for the old and obsolete/discontinued 057 Storm belt, they are good for drag racing but will wear out a lot quicker if you use them for trail riding.


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    do you work during the week at rapids

    1. RJB

      No, only on Saturdays when the trails are busy.

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