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Snowmobile Repair Information

For the last few years I have had quite a few requests for help from snowmobilers trying to diagnose or repair their own sleds. In my early teens I used to strip my sled to the frame every summer and sand and paint it, and I eventually ended up being a mechanic for a few decades.

I still fix my own, but I am a little out of date. The sleds that I know the best are my early and mid-90s Polaris triples. I can usually help people though, and I am always glad to try. We are snowmobilers, we help each other.

The top question by far is about gas and ethanol. Personally I run ethanol free 93 premium in all of my engines. There is an old article below.

The EAA is big on gas quality and are largely responsible for us being able to get premium without the corn squeezins. Many light planes run Bombadier 2 stroke engines on pump gas, and they are pretty serious about their fuel.  As a result, they are an excellent resource for fuel questions.

Anyway here are the articles..

One Minute Snowmobile Belt Change Technique
Snowmobile Gas & Oil Recommendations
Snowmobile Track Removal
Snowmobile Suspension Service
Snowmobile Secondary Clutch Service
Belts and Clutch Tuning
Dyno Testing
Bleeding Your Oiler


  1. Hi great post I was looking at your post on secondary clutches, I am very new to snowmobiles and am currently the new owner of a 1999 MXZ 670HO. I pulled of my secondary and there is a metalic rattle in it. Is the tear down similar to the one you did? If not can you explain what I have to do to get this apart repaired/cleaned up and back together? I could realy use the help and do not have a shop manual for this sled yet. any help would be appericated.

    Thanks Rick R

  2. I have a 1987 Polaris 340 sport ,New fuel pump ,fuel lines and pick up in the tank. Took the carbs off , cleaned them up nice and put them back on . Now it only starts on FULL choke and will not idle or run at low RPM. Any suggestions ?

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