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I have tried a couple of poll plugins and they are not working. For now leave a comment if you are so inclined. So far they are running 4-1 against ATVs on the trail.

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Someone brought it up and it was a topic of frequent conversation Saturday, so let’s talk about ATVs on the snowmobile trail system.

I saw some riders out Saturday and thought to myself, “Wow.. those guys sure aren’t making friends.”. I heard riders complain about getting crowded off of the trail, ruts in the trail, and having them churn up dirt that mixes with the snow and melts the trail faster when the sun comes out. Quite a few complained that they mess up the trail and don’t even need a trail pass/pay less for registration. I really heard a lot about it Saturday with the warm weather.

First of all there is not a statewide rule about ATVs on the trail system over a certain temperature. Many counties ( the closest being Florence) do not allow ATVs on snowmobile trails if it is over 28 degrees and many clubs have the same rule.

On the flip side many of our local clubs like Red Arrow, Dun-Good, and Near North are snowmobile AND ATV clubs and probably are not in a big hurry to ban them at a certain temperature.

At the end of the day you folks are the ones that matter. Here is a chance to let your voice be known publicly

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