10/17/2022 Snow Time!

Greetings and welcome!

We are seeing snow in the region and it is time to stop in for a visit!

Last week we had some snow fall here in Stephenson* but it did not stick to the ground. Friday morning there was a hard frost/freeze and maybe some freezing drizzle that coated everything with ice. That all went away by late morning.

Over the weekend and today we have a wicked cold front that came our way and with it came some 30-40mph wind gusts. That cold air over Lake Superior will do its magic and the snow belt areas got enough snow to actually take a first ride. Here are some pictures and forecasts.

Hurley Ironwood picture from FaceBook Monday morning..

Looks like Marquette is expecting some lake effect snow..

We have a cold windy day with a high of 36 so far. The forecast is the same up near Lake Superior, with gale warnings, 45mph gusts, and waves 24 feet high. With the lake that stirred up and that much cold wind there will be plenty of fetch for lake effect snow.

While I haven’t even looked at my snowmobiles, I am comfortable that I could hop onto one and be riding in less than an hour. Thankfully I still have time.

Anyway, the season is getting close. It is time to remind you to join a WI snowmobile club so that you can get your $10 trail passes through the AWSC. You don’t need to be a resident, just register your sleds in WI and join a WI club. You can register in two states.

*An important update.. In case that you didn’t know, I moved from my long time house in Silver Cliff to a new house in the Town of Stephenson. The house is between the old Fisher’s Camp and Thornton’s, about 3 miles south of the Silver Cliff BP. You wouldn’t believe the difference in snow totals on some storms. I will have 4″ at the new house and the old house will have 6-8″. Six miles away by road and probably 4 as the crow flies, and it makes a huge difference. Keep that in mind when I report snow totals!!

That is it for now. I will be back with our first accumulating snow and other important stuff as it happens. Have a good Fall and thank you for visiting!