10-31-2014 Snow & Cold!

Greetings and welcome!

We have passed a couple of more milestones on our way to the snowmobiling season. A big cold front came through Thursday night and brought a touch of winter to the region.

Last night I checked outside when the radar said that it was snowing, but I was disappointed. This morning when I went out to start the car at 6:45am there were a few flakes on the roof, and a few ice spots from either a sprinkle or some melted snowflakes.

On the way to work in Wausaukee I spotted a few patches with a little white about 2 miles east of C & A. It wasn’t much, just a few spots in the long grass around trees.

Not to be forgotten was the ice cold wind roaring out of the north. The cold front brought winds over 20 that gusted over 40 by my guess. This morning it was 25 in Wabeno, and only 3 degrees warmer here in Silver Cliff. Between that and the wind, the coming winter was starting to feel pretty real.

Later in the morning there were a couple of pretty good wind driven snow squalls in Wausaukee. It did not add up to anything, but it was our first official snow.

That cold north wind was not lost on the lake effect snow areas of the UP. If the lake effect snows were getting blown inland far enough to hit Wausaukee, the UP and Vilas had to be getting real snow. Sure enough, I came home from work and Facebook friends in Lac du Flambeau and Eagle River had posted pictures showing what looked like a pretty solid 3+”. It has been snowing a lot farther east by Escanaba and and a lot of the north central UP too, but I don’t have an update from that area yet.

The ground isn’t frozen yet, and the puddles aren’t frozen yet either, but tonight’s low in the mid-20s (maybe colder) might bring the first skin ice to the big puddle in the driveway.

It isn’t uncommon to see a little snow in October, I am kind of surprised that it is this late.

Well, we have a month or a little more before it really counts, but a touch of snow to get us in the spirit is a nice touch.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!


Update- Up to 8″ in the UP!