11-1-17- 10:15pm Update

At 10:15pm I have almost 1.5″ down and fairly wet snow falling at a medium pace.



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Greetings and welcome!

We are on snow watch this afternoon. The NWS forecasts, depending on which one that you look at, has us forĀ  either 3″ or 2-4″. The snow is only a couple of counties away on radar so at least some snow is likely.

We have had some cold mornings recently. Sunday morning brought the coldest morning so far this fall with 18 degrees. Yesterday we got down to 27, and today’s low was 24 in Wabeno. High temps have been about ten degrees below normal, struggling to break 40 degrees.

I stopped at Landing 11 Monday night to check for ice in the bay but there was none. I’d bet that there was some Sunday morning.

I have a dozen things to cover and get ready outside if we are getting snow tonight so I am off to do chores. Have a good week and thank you for visiting!