11-2-2023 First snow!!

Greetings and welcome back!!

We had our first snow of the season Tuesday. Around here it was just some splotchy white grass where it was cold enough to hold snow. A minimal layer also accumulated  on the deck, gravel, and other surfaces cold enough to hold it.

It was a clipper system that hit about 2/3 of the state, mostly sparing far NE WI. People in the St. Germain/Eagle River area saw as much as 4-5″. A lot of areas to our south saw similar totals.

We also had our first big freeze of the year. Since Sunday low temperatures have been in the low 20s, and two of the nights went down to 16┬║F. The lakes haven’t frozen over yet, but decent sized ponds and swamps have a lid of ice.

We might have some rough sledding ahead, we are in for a strong El Nino this year. If the news buddies hype it enough it might even be a super El Nino. Oh boy. I will talk more about that in future updates.

For today I wanted to let you know that we had our first hard freeze and our first accumulating snow.

Be back soon… RJB