11-30-19 Morning Update-Higher Expected Snow Totals

Winter Storm Warning Saturday 3pm-Sunday 12 noon


Greetings and welcome!

We had a little snow overnight that added up to maybe 1/4″. The radar shows more possible but it is not expected to amount to much. This is just the first little tendrils of the storm, the big show starts late today and tonight.

I woke up early and again checked the latest forecast and said a bad word. Are you (kidding) me?!?!

The latest NWS forecast is for about an inch today, 9″ tonight, and another 6″ Sunday for a total of 16″. The TV went a little farther. This is for 7am Sunday and then 11pm Sunday, the final storm total. If you can’t see the images, the 7am Sunday image has us for 13.9″ and the final total at 19.2″ Sunday night. Throw in some 30mph winds to blow it around and we have a pretty serious winter storm on our hands.

The screen caps are from my favorite TV channel WBAY channel 2-2 out of Green Bay. That is on the TV at my house about 80% of the time. I am not knocking them, mocking them, or anything else. I am just letting you know where I got this from.

I need to put it out there that snow totals around here rarely get that high from one storm. Usually totals over 14 or 16″ come from one of those double barrel storm systems where two low pressure areas come with two big storms in rapid succession. It would be unusual to get more that 16″ out of one storm. I am not saying that it won’t happen, just that it is unusual.

I am heading out this morning to go to Green Bay and get a new backup generator for the GF’s new house. It is all wired up for it with a transfer switch and everything. My thinking is that with 15-20″ of snow plus strong winds more power outages will be likely and line crews will be well challenged getting to them. I might abandon the snow palace and bunk in by her for the storm if it is going to be that bad. I am planning on bringing the laptop, camera, and phone and doing my updates via mobile hotspot. It isn’t too far away, just by Thornton’s.

Anyway, 16-19″ of snow plus wind? We might want to stock up on supplies for this one.

Have a good Saturday and thank you for visiting!