Greetings and welcome!
We are making some ice tonight!
Right now at 12:30am we are down to 11 degrees. Depending on who you consult, we could see between 4 and 9F for lows this morning. The last two nights made it down to 11 & 13F and daytime high temperatures have been at about freezing.
I didn’t get to scout any lakes yesterday but the Peshtigo River had ice on the sides and ice lumps floating down it. If that is freezing up then lakes are too.
We will get just a bit of a break in temperatures Saturday (37F) but nowhere near our normal high of about 45.
Monday and Tuesday the GFS forecast model has the coldest wave yet coming with 850mb temperatures of -11F. Here on the surface the NWS says that we could see high temperatures of 22 and 24F and low temperatures from 9 to 11 degrees. Those high temperatures are 20+ degrees below normal.
There is a break coming in about 8 days according to the GFS forecast model. It could warm up quite a bit about Saturday the 16th. By then I expect to have a good frost in the ground and a very good start on ice on the lakes.
Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!