12-14-17 Evening Update

Greetings and welcome!

People want to know if the trails will open for the weekend. Honestly it is enough snow for a quick ride up and down the driveway or around the yard but the trails and road trails will be very thin. I shoot for 10″ to a foot minimum and the closest that we got was 6-8 and it is powder that will settle into 4-5″.

Red Arrow (Townsend) and Paul Bunyan (Lakewood)- They will NOT be open, though the gates will be open for the groomers to go out and pan the trails and do more brushing. They want to establish a base before seeing traffic..We need to pack the snow down to establish a base and let it freeze down and wait for more snow. If you are caught riding the trails this weekend you will be ticketed!! We don’t want that to happen

Iron Snowshoe- WILL OPEN SATURDAY. When I went by the trail along Hwy C there were no tracks, snowmobile, groomer, or otherwise. Gates will be open and trails will be open for Saturday morning, December 16th.  Groomers will not be able to go out yet since we still need more snow.  We welcome early season riders to pack down…  

River Road Riders, Ranger City Riders,  Pemenee River Riders, Near North Athelstane- All closed.

Dun-Good- No update since the snow, news likely tonight or tomorrow, they do a great job of keeping people informed.

Bag n Bra- No update

Here is a look at the path back to my wood house a little after sunset. I snowblowed it about 2pm yesterday. It shows the settled snow depth well, and the tracks show the little bit that came at the end of the storm.


I see a couple of small snow chances in the next week or so, but nothing very exciting until Christmas. Keep in mind that this week’s 6-8″ was a surprise with only about a day of warning.

Off Topic

I am excited that winterforcemy new snow tires are coming tomorrow. These tires are ridiculous in what they do on snow and ice. I made it to work 22 miles on ice covered roads in the rain, 3+ times last year alone. I drove through snow that dragged on the bottom of the car between ruts, and stopped in a foot of wet heavy snow, sank down, and drove right out. I was so impressed that I got big ones for the plow truck and love them, and this will be my third set on the cars. They are super soft rubber with a very aggressive 3D heavily siped tread. They are a winter only tire, but they are impressive. I didn’t get paid to say this, just sharing good equipment with friends..

Anyway, the bottom line on this weekend is that you can ride, but there isn’t enough snow for most of us. It won’t take much though..

Have a good night and thank you for visiting!