Greetings and merry Christmas!

Today the clouds parted and the snow is long gone but we finally got the winds that made the storm famous. I have seen big clouds of snow blowing down the street and the trees are really dancing. The NWS says 26 gusting to 39 and I am sure that it is all of that.

I was out snow blowing the driveway today and for the most part it was about 4″ of densely packed powder. Near the house it is drifted knee deep or deeper. The 11ºF and high winds made it a little more interesting but at least the snow was not slushy. The shifting winds were challenging to know which way to blow it, and if I guessed wrong I’d get a power facewash for good luck. There were a lot of areas that I could just shoot it up int the air in the general direction that I wanted it and the wind would steal it and blow it away. Cool.

When I went to the Silver Cliff BP I saw the trails along our subdivision road, along Hwy C by the BP, and where the trail crosses Parkway south of there. It looked like the trails packed down really nicely, and there was some snow drifitng into the trail. Again.. cool. Not bad for first trails.

That’s it from here. Have a merry Christmas and thank you for visiting!!