12-31-13 New Years Eve

Greetings and welcome!

My Sunday afternoon ride went pretty well. I took the roads out and the trails back. The little 500 was a great runner.

The trails varied to nice on the roads to rough where they weren’t groomed, to a little thin in the woods.  It was good enough, but we could use some snow to make it great.


This was fairly typical, though there were thinner spots. My ride was between here (Silver Cliff)  and Lakewood.

It is -15 at 6am as I type this out. It looks like we will get a break over the weekend and go into the +20 range on Saturday, and maybe see a little clipper snow. If you are digging this -15 stuff, wait ’till next week. I’d be surprised if we didn’t see -25 or -30 overnight lows. I’d gladly trade it for a foot of snow.

More to follow-