Greetings and welcome!
I had a late night in the shop last night and woke up late so I have to hurry this morning.

We had some snow yesterday and it was snowing pretty good. It added up to an inch or inch and a half of fluffy snow. Those little ones are starting to really add up. The compact layer of snow has to be 6-8″” of sturdy stuff, all on top of an ice layer.

When I went to Lakewood last night Paul Bunyan had groomed and it looked nice. The gates on the railroad grade along 32 were open and the two snowmobiles that had ridden it looked like they were riding a nice base.

A lot of clubs opened yesterday- Iron Snowshoe, Paul Bunyan, Red Arrow, Florence Co ( Hat tip to Dan G). The rest will most likely open by the weekend.

There will be some early season stuff out there, but it really looks like we are off to a nice start.

Gotta zoom. Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!