Greetings and Merry Christmas!

It is a cool day out today with Crivitz at 31 and we are only a degree or so cooler.

I didn’t get my white Christmas, though there is a little dusting along road edges and on the gravel driveway. The ground is firm and holding snow.

The NWS says that we could get some snow tomorrow, possibly as much as 3-5. It all depends on how it lines up. Right now it looks like snow here and a mix south of about Green Bay.

I have been watching a much bigger storm for early next week. The GFS has shown a variety of ideas on how it will play out. Yesterday it showed the storm missing us completely, by about 500 miles. Today it is back with us seeing 6″+ snow starting about Monday night.

Unfortunately my thought right now is that high pressure to our north could well block its travel north and push it out of play  for this area. Hopefully that outlook will improve.

With multiple scenarios and the storm three or four days out there is a lot of uncertainty. I am not going to get too fired up about it either way.

That is about it from here. Have a good Christmas and thank you for visiting!