Greetings and welcome!

We didn’t go too far backwards yesterday. It stayed cloudy for the most part. There was about a 5 minute flurry of snow that didn’t add up to anything. The main weather feature was the 30+mph wind gusts. After similar wind Sunday the wind did little damage.

Starting Friday we are in for a stretch of 40+ degree weather. My guidance says that it will last about a week before winter returns. That isn’t good. There is also a big storm for Mon-Tue that looks like all rain.

Yesterday I heard that the county is putting seasonal weight limits on the roads starting next Monday. Locally they call ’em the road bans. Those put loggers, excavators and others that use heavy trucks out of work until the frost comes out of the ground and the road base firms up. That isn’t a good sign either.

For now I’d say go north and west for best late season conditions.

Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!