2-2 2uesday

Greetings and welcome!


From the comfort of my top step it looks like we saw another 1-2″ since dark. After the initial wave we got into the dry slot on the storm limiting totals. We could see a little more off of the back of the storm, a possible 1-2.


The snow was late getting here. I don’t think that it started in Crivitz until almost 2pm. As of 4pm I measured 3-4″ down here in Silver Cliff, and we are about half way through the first precipitation field.

The initial snow was wet enough that it made a nice ice layer on the roads. Traveling through the 3-4″‘ was a little more challenging from that and the wind driven snow clumping on the windshield wipers.

We already have enough to significantly improve tail conditions, and hopefully leave an icy layer on road trails.

I will update again later tonight with snow totals.