2-22-2023 10pm Update

10pm update- It is really snowing and blowing out there. I did a quick trip out to to the driveway at 10pm and measured 6″. It sure seems like more. Whatever the case, it is a nice blanket of snow and an ugly night to travel.


Greetings and happy snowmageddon!!

Now THAT’S a winter storm. Yes I believe now. I was wrong to be skeptical.

Driving home a few minutes ago I would put new snowfall at between 4 & 5″ and it is coming fast and hard. The wind really kicked up about an hour ago. It was easily gusting to 30mph plus, with a vigorous snowfall, making it all very real on the way home. Visibility was maybe 30-50′, depending on the wind gusts. The wipers and windsheild would freeze up anytime that I slowed down or stopped. It is some nasty weather out there. I am happy to be home safely, and I wish that for any other travelers too.

There is already enough down to ride, though it wouldn’t a lot of handle weekend traffic. From the looks of the radar and the way that it is coming down, that won’t be a problem..

I really am ready for a cocktail after that ride home so I am out of here. I will update later or in the morning. Have a good night and thank you for visiting!