Month: March 2022

Saturday 3-26-2022 Storm Follow Up

Greetings and welcome! I finally had a chance to get out and survey some of the storm damage. It was a lot worse than I first thought. Some areas fared well, but other roads had hundreds of branches and trees down. A couple of roads that I traveled would not have been passable right after […]

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3-23-2022 Storm Update- 7pm

Greetings and welcome! 7pm It looks like there was a little more tree damage than was obvious from my window. A friend said that there were a lot of trees down on the town road on the way to the gas station. About 6pm the power went out here. I am now on generator power […]

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3-15-2022 And That’s A Wrap.

Greetings and welcome! Today it was 49 and very sunny. The trails really took a beating in sunny spots. There is more of that warm sunny weather headed our way in the near future. I got word a little while ago that Iron Snowshoe closed the trails south of Brandywine Lane for the year. North […]

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