3-13-14 Thursday

Greetings and welcome!

I got a little better look around yesterday. There is still a lot of base out there, but a lot of ugly too. I got word that Iron Snowshoe has closed their trails south of C. Their web site said that they tried grooming it but in the end the bad outweighed the good.

They are reporting that the north trail up toward Goodman and Dunbar is still rideable, and the Dun-Good club is reporting that they still have good conditions.

Paul Bunyan is reporting some open and icy spots and water in low spots around Lakewood, but they are still open. Red Arrow is reporting that they still have conditions with some bare spots and you can still ride.

There are some minor snow chances in the near future but nothing that will save the weekend, so it looks like we are done riding right in my neighborhood. If I do ride this weekend it will involve trailering 10 or 20 miles north. They usually have at least one more weekend than we do north of about Benson Lake Rd.

I sure wish I had a different story to tell.

Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!