3-15-2022 And That’s A Wrap.

Greetings and welcome!

Today it was 49 and very sunny. The trails really took a beating in sunny spots. There is more of that warm sunny weather headed our way in the near future.

I got word a little while ago that Iron Snowshoe closed the trails south of Brandywine Lane for the year. North of that the trails are year ’round ATV trails that will be open for a little while until the county decides to close them for the spring mud season. That is coming any day now. Usually those open the first weekend in May, but it can be sooner or later depending on how fast the spring thaw progresses.

This season is now in the books. Forest and Oconto Counties are closed as well as Iron Snowshoe.

Thank you to everyone that supported me this year. You are very much appreciated.

Have a good spring/summer/fall and thank you for visiting!