Greetings and welcome!

We had some snow yesterday and last night that was close to the biggest snow of the winter. I have about 5″ down this morning.

It was very light snow that fell gently. Right at the end about 6am it started getting a little chunkier for a few minutes.

The snow will not last. Today it is expected to get up to 40+ along with some rain and maybe a thunderstorm. Tomorrow it is supposed to get to 50 with more rain. We are expecting a low of 40 tonight. At that point I don’t expect much of it to be there by Tuesday night when it gets down to 21.

While I might be able to get a lap or two around the yard the snow will not last long.

The lakes have all lost their ice and the ground has lost most of its frost. Cold weather last week skinned some lakes over a little, but like the snow, it won’t last.

The storm is a huge one with multiple low pressure systems. If all of the rain (~2″) were snow we’d get about 30″ of the stuff. Unfortunately all but the first wave will be far too warm to be snow.

While the trails are long since closed and have no hope of reopening, it is still possible to get a big snow storm for another month or so.

Here is a pic of the back deck and a screen shot of morning news snow totals.

RJB over & out.