3-3-14 Monday

Greetings and welcome!

Jeez it’s Monday already? Where did the weekend go?

We have another cold morning today. Right now it is -21 at 5:30am. If we make another degree before sunrise we will break another record. This time it would be today’s record low of -22 set in 1948.

Our normal low is 12 degrees, our normal high for today is 35. According to Ray’s rule of variability it is common to be 10 degrees on either side of normal, occasional to be +/- 20 degrees, and very unusual to be more than 30 degrees off. At 32 degrees below normal we are in the very unusual category and a degree off of the record.

My prediction that Saturday night wouldn’t go -15 or -20 worked out when the cloud cover stayed intact and we only hit about 7 below.

This week is expected to get a little closer to normal, but still on the cold side of it. After today (high of 17) we are looking at high temps in the 20s right through the weekend. Low temperatures look to be around zero, but that will vary with cloud cover.

We have three chances for snow this week, all smaller storms. We will start off with a shot at a couple of inches tonight. There is another chance late week, and a third over the weekend.

At the moment it looks like the next two weeks will be ok for us. There are no big warm-ups being shown on the GFS until the very end, 16 days out. At that point the sun will be our biggest issue, and it is getting strong. The roads were melting yesterday even though most of the day was about 8 degrees and the high at 3pm was 14. That is only going to get worse.

For now we have spectacular trails system-wide. Get it while you can.

Last weekend I worked my day job on Saturday, so I didn’t work at Rapids. I did show up later for happy hour and ran into the Swamp Stompers. They had a big group and were out having a good time. Thank you very much for visiting!


We also had a visit from the Computerologists/Cougarologists..


Well I am running late so I have to go. Have a good Monday and thank you for visiting!