Wednesday 3/1/17 Evening Update


After Work Update-

Greetings and welcome!

When I left for work this morning I was expecting an inch or two today. There was a dusting of snow on the car and it was snowing a little. By the time that I was halfway to work it was snowing pretty good and the wind was driving it horizontally.

Much to my surprise, it kept up with the snowing and blowing into mid-afternoon. It is impossible to quantify the snowfall the way that the wind drove it. Farm fields are scrubbed clean. The ditches next to them have a foot or more in the drifts Where it drifted at work it was 6+” deep by the car and next to bare pavement. You get the idea.

My best guess is 3-4″.

We got into the mid-20s last night and it is down to 22 now. It seemed like the driveway was much firmer tonight than it was a day or two ago. That is good news, at least the ground is freezing a little.

Today’s snow will help a lot to the north where they had good and thin spots like the rest of us, but a lot more good areas. Around here the trails were in pretty poor condition, especially in sunny areas. Sheltered areas held a decent ice base, but in sunny areas the frost came out of the ground and it was muddy. The 6″ snow earlier this week got bout half taken out by the sun, then we had today’s 3+. While not a silver bullet, today’s snow and cold seemed to help conditions.

There is a warm up coming for the weekend and early week that will take us into the 40s and maybe low 50s. Early week there is a storm that will start out as rain, but not too much of it. The second low pressure behind it made me smile when I saw it on the model. It was a classic 1-2 punch storm, with the second one being a good snow maker.

You just never know with March.







Lunchtime update via phone..

Unexpected snow today.Hard to say how much with the wind; maybe 3-4 inches. With the cold it feels like winter again.