Sunday 11/24/2013

7am Temperatures..

Bowler 3
Crivitz 12
Oconto Falls 8
Shawano 7
Wabeno 2
Athelstane 4.1
Greetings and welcome!

It has sure been a cold weekend. As I start my update at 9am Sunday it is 9 degrees, up from out overnight low of +4. Yesterday we had the high temp of the day at 12:02am with 22 degrees. Most of the day was in the mid to upper teens, and there was a little wind. There were no doubt some cold toes and fingers as deer hunters took to the woods.

This is just an anecdotal observation from my travels, but it looks like it was the best opening weekend in many years. There were more people around than I have seen in probably five years. It took a couple of minutes to turn right onto 141 north after work Friday, and the gas station was full when I went there last night after sunset. The cell tower based internet is slowed to a sub dial-up crawl, and it is busy at the local trail stops too. It’s good to see so many people around.

There is no question that we made some ice this weekend. I am planning on stopping down at the boat landing too see how much the flowage has skinned over when I go out later.

It looks like we will stay below 32 this week, continuing the process. The only day that gets close is Monday with a high near 32. Looking at the 16 day GFS model I and not seeing any big warm ups. I just might get my wish of  well frozen ground and lakes before the snow comes.
Well I am off to get a little time in out in the blue room before the Packer game. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!