Tuesday January 21st, 2014

Greetings and welcome!

The cold is here as expected. As I type this out at 5:30am it is -15F outside. We are looking for  a high of about 5 today with -10 to -20 wind chills.

Tonight we are expecting the next clipper system, and that should bring an inch of snow overnight and another inch tomorrow. Follow that up with some blowing and drifting, and more cold for Wednesday and Thursday. Our normal high and low for today is 25 and 3, so call it 15-20 degrees below normal..

We will get a little break in the arctic stuff for Friday and Saturday. Friday could get into the low 20 and Saturday the mid-teens before  we return to the cold stuff for Sunday (high of 5-10 above) and Monday.

The weather isn’t very nice but the trails look fantastic. The trails that I saw going to and from work were perfectly flat and groomed to perfection. There are only a couple of tracks on them, and other than the sub-zero stuff on my off time, they are very inviting.   We are not in any danger of losing that before the weekend, the traffic is very light and there isn’t much chance of melting.

Dan G of Riding with Dan & Dylan left a comment yesterday that said that they rode all directions from Chute Pond last weekend and found great trails everywhere. I agree. My travels from Wausaukee to Silver Cliff, Lakewood and north to Carter found all trails in very nice shape.

I did manage to get the pictures from last Saturday off of the camera last night, and here is a gallery of people that came to visit. Thank you to everyone that made it so much fun!

I am off to work. Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!