Christmas Day 2014

Greetings and merry Christmas!

Thank you all for your Christmas wishes!

Well we got our wet heavy snow, maybe 4-6” of it. The second storm gave us a little mist and continued warm temperatures in the low 30s. The snow is down to three or four inches in my yard, and there is a decent base going where it was packed down. Wausaukee had a little less snow and when I was there Wednesday the grass tops were showing through in some places.

The warm weather was effective enough that even a lot of town roads and Hwy C are pretty much bare in most areas even without salt. Yesterday some back roads still held snow, but there was a lot of bare stuff too.

When I was out today I saw that the trails along C were not panned yet. That isn’t much of a surprise. As sticky as the snow was it would pack down nice, but probably stick to the groomer and clump up. I know that plowing the driveway wasn’t very easy, and I had the truck grunting a little on some runs, and huge snowballs were peeling off of the plow.

Eventually it will cool down and all of the soft stuff will firm up. That looks to come about Saturday, along with a little snow. After Saturday we should be done with the warmer than normal stuff for a while.

The Friday night into Saturday storm isn’t a very big one, but it might be a snow producer for us. The GFS version has is getting a 1-3 or 2-5 storm. The NAM is more favorable, showing the snow adding up a little more.

Right now I would not ride around here, other than a lap or two around the yard. The trails remain closed south of C, and in Wausaukee, Lakewood, and Townsend. Some cold weather and another 5-6” might get us started, but for now we are still waiting.

As happens frequently, the areas up by Hwy 8 fared much better than we did. Dun-Good is reporting open trails, 5” of heavy snow and a solid ice base. With the couple of inches of snow Friday night into Saturday, that sounds like the place to be this weekend.

This fall has been incredibly busy for me. Between working a lot, a couple of big projects, and the day to day computer repairs and web site work, I haven’t had much free time. That has led to quick updates and sometimes missing a day. I am way behind on the event calendar and other web related stuff too. I will be catching up shortly.

Working a lot also has me way behind on my winter stuff. I expect to first start working on snowmobiles this weekend. The Indy Trail will be first. It a really simple sled and was in good shape when I parked it. I don’t expect it to need much. Likewise I was riding the RXL at the end of the season, and it shouldn’t need much either. Ideally the end of the weekend will find me trail ready.

At the moment I am still digging out of all of it, so it is time for me to run along. Have a good night and Merry Christmas!