4-1-2023 Snow Update 4pm



Once the storm cleared out it got sunny and up to 39. Plowed roads and driveways that were 8″ deep in cement snow are now clear and dry. A couple of sunny spots in my yard are down to bare ground or getting close to it. The spring sun is snow’s enemy.

Sheltered areas fared a little better and still hold some snow. When we go down to 6 degrees tonight (Really?!) that will freeze in like a brick.

I feel sorry for the people that had to drive in brutal winter weather last night or this morning only to drive home on bare dry roads tonight.

Spring in northern Wisconsin..

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!

RJB over & out..


After digging out the Starlink dish and cleaning the back step for the doggie I would call it closer to 8″. It is wet heavy snow with a wet layer on the bottom where the snow soaked up the rain. The wind is whipping the top snow around and drifting it.

The Marinette County Sheriff is advising people to stay off of the roads saying that many roads are impassible between the wet heavy snow and the trees down. Give the road crews a chance to do their job.

Looking at the outage map it looks like a couple hundred people in Silver Cliff and Stephenson are out of power. Between the wet heavy snow and the high winds taking trees and power lines down those line crews will be busy today.

My nice guy neighbor that owns Decker Services came over with a skid steer and cleared my driveway saving me hours and hours. This is snowblower belt breaking snow or heart attack snow if you shovel. I doubt that the snowblower could throw it very far or take a full scoop even in low gear. I will be out there cleaning up by the cars once I get some breakfast.


There is at least 6″ down, probably more. We will never know exactly how much because of the nearly 40mph wind gusts. The morning TV news said that Iron Mountain had 16″ and Amberg got 11″. I will know more once I get more totals and when I go and dig out my Starlink antenna.


At least 5″ down. Snowing hard. Snowed so fast that it buried my Starlink antenna when the heater couldn’t keep up. There have been a few good gusts of wind and the power flickered a few times. Looking at the radar a total of 10″+ doesn’t seem far fetched.