Wednesday 12-27-17

Greetings and welcome!

It was another cold one last night. Here are some readings..

Wabeno -17

Athelstane -13

Crivitz -21

That is without wind chill.

Yesterday was a cold one too. The warmest that I saw on my car thermometer was -6. Athelstane Weather actually marked a high of +1.4. It was not much fun working in it. By sunset I was only good for about 10 minutes before I started to get too cold.

There is a little snow possible tomorrow/tomorrow night but the NWS says less than an inch. The next snow chances come after the first of the year. I am seeing light snow on the 3rd & 5th, and a little better chance about the 7th.

My travels yesterday took me up to Goodman. By my estimation they have 3+” more snow than we do in Silver Cliff. Some trails were worn through, but the ones that weren’t looked inviting.

This bitter cold stuff isn’t much fun but it is what we need to put a deep freeze on the wet areas and a nice lid on the lakes for the upcoming winter festivals. It will serve us well once it does snow.

The TV says that we could hit +5 today. It is a heatwave..

Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!