Wednesday 2-7-2024

Greetings and welcome!

The warm weather continues. The snow that remains is hard and icy from the freeze/thaw cycle. The frost is almost all of the way out of my private road in the sunny spots. Sheltered areas still have 3-4″ of that cement snow.

We have had some ugly warm temperatures this week. Sunday was the peak of them when it hit 57. Say what? 57 degrees on Feb 4th?!! You can see Monday’s high of 47 in the graphic below. Yesterday we got to 38 and late morning today it is already 37.

-A screen cap from our friends at Athelstane Weather

Yesterday on a trip to Townsend I saw that Waubee Lake is still frozen over but the ice didn’t look happy. Townsend flowage was still frozen but the channel under the bridge on Burnt Dam Rd was very open.

We have been having below freezing overnight temperatures. That has made life interesting in the mornings with freezing fog on the roads and a hoary frost in the trees. This has happened several times in recent days. These pictures were from yesterday at about 2pm at and near the dump on Shaeffer Rd and Hwy A.

On the way there I went through a little snow flurry that was maybe 100 yards long. I hit it in the same spot on the way back 20 minutes later. Strange.

Last night we had some surprise rain. There was nothing in the forecast about it. It was one little blob that came through, but there was yellow and orange on the radar and it lasted a half hour or more. Surprise!! I looked at the temp and it was right at 32 but it was not freezing on my deck. For the sake of travelers I hope that it didn’t freeze to roads.

Some of the weather guys that I follow on the internet are pretty excited that snow and cold will be returning after a little rain tomorrow. Unfortunately that applies more to the east coast. I see us returning to highs in the mid-30s, but only minor chances of snow for the next two weeks.

This terrible winter is hurting a lot of people. Not just the hospitality businesses, but their workers too. I always advocate for people to take their regularly planned trip anyway.

Yesterday I was reading one of the snowmobile message boards and I ran across a post from a guy who wasn’t very happy with El Nino. He had just bought three very nice new Ski-Doo snowmobiles for his family and they didn’t have a single mile. Ooooo slam! That is over 60 grand worth of fun gathering dust and depreciating. You can’t help feeling bad for the guy.

Looking at the classified ads not many snowmobiles are sellng either. A lot of them show markdowns from the original asking price.

I have been kicking around the idea of a 2-up so that we can go a little farther than we do on the Twindies.

(Twin 1994 Indy Trail 500 fans 24 serial numbers apart)

I love my twindies and they aren’t going anywhere, but I’m over 60 and my Mrs is over 70 and that 1994 suspension is not ideal for long trips for us. I love the sleds, but something a little more modern might be nice. Money is tight, but I am seeing some incredible deals. Today or tomorrow I am off to look at a pretty new MXZ 900Ace that he is selling at about half of bluebook. I’ll be digging under couch cushions and vacuuming out the car for change if it is nice. LOL.

Here are a few more event posters that I saw in my travels..


That’s about it for today. Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!