Friday 11-29-19

Greetings and welcome! We have another storm coming for tonight through Sunday. There is a mix of snow, rain, and freezing rain expected. Saturday could bring a couple of inches. The heavy precip is expected Saturday night when we could see 8″ with a little more to follow Sunday. The TV is showing it as […]

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Thursday 11-28-19

Greetings and happy Thanksgiving! The storm yesterday brought rain and snow about as expected. What wasn’t expected was how much the snow would stick to trees and branches. It gave them a thick heavy flocking and then the wind blew hard. The end result was a lot of trees and branches down and a lot […]

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Wednesday Storm Watch

Greetings and welcome! 2:45pm It did not snow much more at all. I would guess that I peaked at about 4″. It is a fairly warm day so with settling we are down to about 3. That beautiful snow sticking to the trees brought a ton of trees and branches down when the wind started […]

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