Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas!

There is a little snow on the radar this morning. It looks like my imaginary line from Milwaukee to Superior was a pretty good guess as to where the snow would reach before diving southeast. There is a little blob by Antigo and Rhinelander, but so far none has reached Oconto or Forest Counties yet. It might eventually bring some flurries or snow showers but it does not look like anything that will affect travel or bring significant snow. The TV shows Rhinelander and Antigo seeing up to an inch, but 0.1″ or less east of there.

A lot of reports are coming in with good trails. Squib commented on yesterday’s update with a pretty comprehensive report covering a lot of trails. Thank you very much.

Today and tomorrow should bring great riding conditions for weather. We are looking for highs in the mid-upper 20s and a chance of some flurries to add that winter wonderland white Christmas twist. Very nice. The week ahead looks like more of the same comfortable riding weather, but the flurries and clouds are expected to clear out about Sunday night.

Behind that we have the New Year’s storm still on watch. The latest GFS has it coming as a single storm. It still is showing some rain in front and a little more snow in back than yesterday.

As Slug commented yesterday, sometimes a little rain is a good thing because it makes the base rock hard and gives us extra weekends without needing 6″+ to keep up nice trails. There have been many seasons in my time here where an ice base made a huge difference.

Right now it is being shown as a lot of rain and then about 6-9″ of snow behind it. I am not quite convinced about the current path of the storm, I have a hunch that it might lean a little more toward the snow as the low tracks farther south than shown. At 200 hours out it is just an educated guess. Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting chapter of As the Storm Turns..

Hopefully tomorrow will bring my first longer trail ride of the year. December brought a lot of work, little money, and really a lot of distractions. At that point I am a little late getting on the trail.

The nicer RXL is in the shop with a locked up driveline. Since I put all new bearings in it last year, my guess is that I picked up a rock in the track pulling it into the shed for the summer. It runs great but no va. Hopefully that is a quick fix and I will be off. RXL #2 needs a ski welded, a new battery, and the muffler put back on, and that should be in decent shape.

It is kicking my butt that we have nice trails and temps in the 20s and I am not out riding. I have a big project due in a few days and I really have to focus on that. I will be finding some time for the shop and trail very soon.

That is about it from here. Have a Merry Christmas and thank you for visiting!