Comments Are Open

Dec 10, 2017

I opened up the comments on the page. I will eventually work on making them more visible. For now there is a little bubble like they use for speech in comic strips and a number right under the title of each post. You can click that to comment. I have it set so that you can comment and have it seen immediately if you have a previously approved comment. Others will have to wait until I approve your first one.

Keep in mind that I am all for truth and transparency, and sometimes that includes critical comments. I am good with that, but if I think that you are unduly harsh, rude, or otherwise undesirable, your comment can get nuked. I have also pulled comments when I got complaints while I sorted it out. I have taken a lot of crap and lost a few friends over having comments here, and a lot of people don’t want me to allow it. I am swimming upstream a little to do this.

Personally I’d love to see tons of people check in with the phone on busy Saturdays and tell others what is going on. It would be awesome to have near real time trail and event updates. Collectively you probably put on 10-20,000+ miles in a weekend and know a lot more than I do in my travels. I think that is a tremendous resource and hope that the comments will work out to benefit a lot of people.

Best wishes and thank you for visiting!