February 11, 2014

Greetings and welcome!

It is another cold one this morning. We have -26 here, Antigo has -27, Crivitz is -19.

Fortunately this is one last thrash of a cold spell that has lasted since lateĀ  November. We could see a high of 11 today, then the weather outlook is much warmer. We are looking at 20s right through the weekend, and Thursday could reach the upper 20s.

From what I saw on this morning’s research, you will want to ride this weekend. The GFS is showing the rubber band snapping back a little too far next week. We are talking 30s, probably even 40s, a couple of shots at some rain, and generally a much warmer pattern. There is even a chance of a southern storm, but it is tracking too far north right now. It will be nice to break out of the sub-zero stuff, but hopefully it plays out a little more in our favor than what I am seeing now on the medium range models.

For now we have some favorable weather ahead in the short term. There is a chance of light snow tonight, a better clipper for Thursday with a couple of inches, and a chance of another one about Saturday night.

My advice is to be ready to ride this weekend. The trails are in excellent shape, the temperatures will finally moderate, and we will have some fresh snow to play in. Next week doesn’t look as nice, get it while you can.

Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!