Fri December 17th, 2010-5pm

Greetings and welcome!

5pm quick update..

Between now and my previous update I made my Lakewood-Townsend-Carter run. I saw trails along F and 32. With the exception of a couple of snirty spots in and north of Townsend, the trails looked good.

I saw about 15 sleds on the trails along the way, and there were a few trailers heading north on 32.

The trails have held up well this week. There hasn’t been much traffic, we are 3 days from the shortest day of the year, and it has stayed <25ºF all week. Tuesday night-Wednesday moring some people hit -24. The point is, most of it is still there.

I am still buried in inside work, but I am planning some outside time tomorrow anyway. Chances are it will be my first ride or a big step toward it.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!



Yesterday my travels took me east to Parkway and south to X.  The trails that I saw along C by Rapids and Jungle Jims looked nice and had laid down well. Where it crosses Parkway south of C and again by Thornton’s, there were a few thin spots. The trail along Parkway Road north of the bridge looked very nice. Surprisingly, the river upstream of the bridge was freezing up.

On the south side of the bridge where the trail goes into the woods looked ok, but there was a thin spot right past the gate. Right around X the trail looked ok other than a few thin spots and pickers.

The snow has settled a little and is starting to pack down. It is still powdery, but the trails are packing a little.

The bottom line? You can ride, but expect early season conditions and some thin and wind blown spots. Without a base you might find some terrain features and rocks. Roads that are plowed might be a little rough with no base.

The state passed a law that under certain conditions AVTs can go on the road for plowing. Slug sent a link in yesterday. Here is a link.

Last weekend the Town of Riverview was going to have their Winter Wonderland celebration. As Paal so eloquently phrased it, we had a little too much winter wonderland last weekend, so they rescheduled it for this Saturday. They have a nice ice skating rink surrounded by Christmas trees. The celebration includes figure skating & hockey demonstrations, Christmas carols, the tree lighting, and the big guy in the red suit will be coming to Santa’s Village. Here is a link.

The weather scenario for this weekend is kind of an unusual one. There is a small storm north of the Canadian border that will be tracking from east to west. As it grazes us to the north we could see a few flurries or light snow over the weekend. We are expecting highs in the upper teens with a little wind and lows between 5-10 degrees. The normal for today is 25/7.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!