Friday 1-10-2020

Greetings and welcome!


I have been checking models and forecasts any chance that I had today. I am still sold that the storm for Saturday night will be a Green Bay and south affair. All of the models that I use except one agree except one that has not run recently. They do suggest anywhere from none to 1-3″ between about 5pm and midnight as the edge of the storm grazes the area. The NWS is still in for about 3″.

There is some snow downstate tonight and hopefully you guys that are travelling got a head start on it. The radar is showing a little heading this way but the ground truth looking out of my window shows no snow yet.

I don’t mind a couple of inches to give the trails a little extra frosting as long as it doesn’t impact people’s travel too badly.

Have a great weekend and I will see you at Rapids tomorrow!



Noon Update-

There have been a couple of more model runs and there is still no consensus on Saturday night’s storm. Personally I am still expecting the storm to go south and east of us and bring little if any snow.

I just watched the noon news/weather out of Green Bay. They are looking for a couple of tenths of snow after midnight tonight. They show Saturday’s storm just grazing the area, but still have us for 4.4″ in Lakewood.

With the forecast models so split it is hard to say what will happen. I will be watching.



Yesterday’s weather went about as expected. We had a little rain, a little freezing rain and a little snow. The snow came last and bonded to any ice so it isn’t as slippery as it could be. In the end we got about 1/2″ of snow.

My attention has been focused on the Saturday night storm. The models are about split evenly on how the storm will track. If it goes one way we won’t see much for snow north of Green Bay. If it goes the other way we could see 6 or 8 inches plus Saturday night. Right now there isn’t a lot of coherent guidance there so it is still a stay tuned scenario. We are under a winter storm watch for the Saturday night storm.

In the meantime we have some pretty nice trail conditions north and west of Crivitz.

See my last update for weekend events.

I saw something that the High Falls Radar Runs for next weekend (1-18) have been moved back a weekend to 1-25 in hopes of better ice conditions.

I will be at Rapids Resort again Saturday from 12-5, if you are in the area stop in and get your picture taken and say hello. I like meeting people and doing the pictures so if I don’t ask you please ask me.

I will keep monitoring the latest predictions on the Saturday night storm. Right now my hunch is that it will stay south of us but with the forecast models so divided a hunch is all that it is.

That is about it for this morning. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!