Friday 1-12-18

Greetings and welcome!
My travels took me from Silver Cliff to Crivitz and home on the side roads on the east side of High Falls Flowage. The county did a good job of treating their roads, but side roads are glare ice.

011218aIn my opinion the storm was a big net positive for us. Anywhere that held its base is now an ice base. Roads finally got a nice ice base too. We only had 1/2″ or so of snow to top it off, so it will be a little slippery, but we now have a firm layer of ice between the ground and the snowmobile.

We have our deep frost. We have our ice base. How about some snow?

There is a chance for some snow Sunday night. The GFS forecast model does not show much moisture and we would be lucky to see a dusting by their prognostication.

The NAM and European models are more generous with the snow. The NWS is mentioning that there could be some lake enhancement, and with the cold making the snow puffy, the potential for 3-5″ is there.

That would be great on top of our ice base and icy side roads. With no obvious warm-ups in sight to bond the snow to the ice it will likely be very slippery, but at least we could ride decent conditions.

The trails that I saw along Deer Lake Rd on the east side of High Falls Flowage were in good shape when the rain came. Those will be really nice with a little more snow. You can ride today, but there is only about 1/2″ of snow on the ice.

I really like that the side roads got an ice layer.

So.. hopefully we get a lot of snow Sunday night into Monday and we can get the season going at its full potential.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!