Friday 1-13-17

Greetings and welcome!

Only one day to go before the weekend and it will be a cold one. We are looking at a high of about 11 degrees today. Thankfully the weekend will be a little warmer. the NWS is looking for 22 Saturday and 25 Sunday. The skies will be mostly clear, so nights should be in the single digits below zero.

On the way home yesterday I got a look at the trails between Wausaukee and Athelstane. They were freshly groomed and flat as a pool table. Slug said that they had groomed the east trail as well, so that is ready to go for the weekend. The trails east of 141 are open and ready to go, making Crivitz, Wausaukee, and points east and north possible destinations, and of course the Bear Point Yacht Club.

Next week looks like a warm one, so I guess the mission is to ride while it is as nice as it is.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!