Friday 1-14-2022

Greetings and welcome!

We had a couple of nice days this week when temperatures got up into the upper 20s. There was no appreciable melting other than on treated roads.

I have been seeing Iron Snowshoe out grooming this week and for the most part the trails along the roads looked great. There are going to be some thin or snirty spots but for the most part the trails are pretty nice.

We did not see any snow this week, and it has been a while since we have seen any. At that point we are riding the same snow and trails that we have had for the last few weeks. I would not hesitate to ride at all, just don’t expect fresh snow and flawless trails. Plowed road trails on salted roads are going to be hit and miss.

In the short term we are in for a somewhat cold weekend. Today and Saturday should have a high temperature of about 15 and Sunday warms up to around 20. Look for low temperatures around zero. The cold weather is kind of a blessing. It is a lot harder for the Saturday traffic to form whoopties at 15 degrees than it is when it is 25-30 and the snow is packy.

There is not much for snow in the 16 day outlook. There is a clipper possible for next Wednesday and the following Wednesday. Way out in the forecast there is more snow possible. I guess at this point it is a matter of riding what we have and being grateful that we have it. Last year was brutal.

I am never ordering anything from E-Bay from WI or MI sellers ever again. I ordered new bibs Sunday night. My bibs have one leg held together with duct tape and they get a little cold. The GF has some coming too. My bibs were coming from Manitowoc, about 120 miles away. With a one day ride on the UPS truck I should have them by Wednesday or Thursday, right? Nope. They are still in Manitowoc 5 days later and haven’t moved.  The GF’s bibs? Still in Michigan and haven’t moved. My bearings for the suspension rebuild took 8 days to get 250 miles from Eau Claire. The parts that I ordered out of Rhinelander an hour away? They took eight days to get here. The balaclava that I ordered Sunday for the GF from New Jersey will be in the mailbox today. Sorry WI and MI sellers.. never again. /Rant.

Next Saturday (1-22) is the first of the High Falls Flowage Radar Runs. The weekend after that is the Paul Bunyan Riders Sno-fun event at Waubee Lodge (1-29).

I had a busy week this week and I did not get much for riding or shop time. I am heading out to the shop before the phone rings. With any luck I might even put on a few miles.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!