Friday 1-17-2020


Greetings and welcome!

It is a brisk -12 ºF this morning.

I have been scrubbing the models and forecasts for a solid outlook on tonight’s storm. My best guess is that the snow will start up sometime after 6 or 7pm tonight and run through about noon Saturday. Snowfall forecasts vary with most looking for 6-7″ and one TV station going as high as 9.5″.

Something that will likely be a factor is the wind. The forecast for tonight is for 7-11mph winds gusting to 23mph. Plus or minus a few mph that pretty much applies right through Sunday. I am expecting fairly light snow, so blowing and drifting is likely.

The NWS is still on a winter weather advisory. It is close to winter storm warning criteria of 6+ inches in a 12 hour period but they remain in a winter weather advisory because some models don’t quite reach the warning criteria.

Behind the storm is a typical cold wave and some wind. The NWS has our high temperatures for Sunday- Tuesday reaching about 20. The TV is less generous, with us only reaching mid-teens.

Right now the trail conditions that I have seen are good to very good. Add in some fresh snow and Saturday riders should be in for a treat.

I would recommend an early start for people travelling north from downstate. Other than that the green flag is out.

I am planning on being at Rapids Resort Saturday from noon until about 4 or 5 pm. Stop by and say hello and get your picture taken for the web site.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!


I will update later today if there are any significant changes in the forecast.