Friday 1-18-19

Greetings and welcome!

We are starting off with a cold morning this morning. It is -1, up a degree from our low of -2. We are expecting a cold weekend as we get the cold from the north that will feed into a big storm south of the state. That storm could take a sudden left turn and give us the snow where it is wanted, but it is not very likely.

For now we have to settle for the 1/2″ or so of light snow that came yesterday. Any snow is welcome, and the little bit that we got will help to add to the free snow on our icy base. It also made icy roads, driveways and parking lots very slippery, and I am sure that will apply to icy spots on the trail.

As I mentioned Wednesday the trails that I saw along Hwy W between Crivitz and Crooked Lake varied from too thin near Crivitz to looking good in Crooked Lake. Parkway Rd & W and west looked pretty good. East of there got thinner as I went. Trails here in Silver Cliff looked good. The clubs have been out grooming and doing what they can with the snow on top of the ice base. Conditions improve to the north and west.

The weekend looks cold with highs in the low to mid-teens and low temperatures around and possibly below zero. Weekend travelers will miss out on the coldest part of it, Sunday night the NWS is predicting -6.

Sunday night we have a lunar eclipse that is special for a few reasons. First of all the moon will be at its closest point to the earth in its elliptical orbit. That makes it a ‘super moon’, something like 14% bigger than is typical. That closeness will also put it deeper into the shadow, making it a darker eclipse, which makes it possible to get pictures of it with some stars along with it. That is very unusual. It will also make the light refracting through the earth’s atmosphere illuminate it with a dark red, a so called blood moon. We should have mostly clear skies and very cold weather which should make the view a good one.

I had a very intense work week this week so I was not up to snuff with my updates here this week. Between all of the stuff that I do I had almost 40 hours in by Wednesday night. I still have plenty of work ahead, but things will be a lot more normal looking forward. My apologies for missing and brief updates.

I am planning on being at Rapids Resort both Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Saturday I should be there after noon, and Sunday after 2pm. I will have the camera charged and ready, so bring your group and get a picture for the Big Snow Page.

Right now the only events that I see for this weekend is an ice fishing derby on White Potato Lake and a bonfire in the woods with the Red Arrow (Townsend) Club. Here are details on the bonfire in the woods..

January 19, 2019, BONFIRE IN THE WOODS!! 11AM to 3PM at intersection #641. Always a very fun and family friendly event complete with hot dogs, hot chocolate and other trail side goodies. Sometimes the groomer is there for your viewing pleasure! Watch website and Facebook for more details.

Next weekend the Paul Bunyan Club (Lakewood) has its Snow Fun Days at Waubee Lodge, and there is a radar run on High Falls Flowage.

The clock is not my friend this morning so I have to head into work. Have a good weekend and I hope to see some of you at Rapids Resort over the weekend.