Friday 1-19-18

Visit me at Rapids Resort this Saturday from Noon-5pm

Greetings and welcome!
The storm is still a big question mark this morning. Three different models have three different ideas of how it will happen. Rain? Snow? Mix? We will likely have all of those. The model that I like the best(most likely) shows snow initially, some rain as the low is close to us and a snowy finish.

I spoke with some riders yesterday with some hot off of the trail reports. They found good conditions in Athelstane and on the Dun-Good Trails. Both groups complained the the trails south of Benson Lake Rd were groomed a little too deep. Other than that they were having a great time.

The warm day yesterday settled the snow a little, but other than on treated roads we did not go backwards much at all. We got down to 16 last night, so we should have frozen back up nicely.

The forecast for today and tomorrow is for 37 and 41 respectively, with a low of 27 in between. It is supposed to stay cloudy today, but Saturday the forecast is for partly sunny. It might not be good for the trails, but it will be comfortable riding.

As the headline suggested I will be a celebrity guest bartender at Rapids Resort Saturday from noon till 5pm. Stop by and get your picture taken and put on this page. Hopefully lots of people stop in and impress the new owners. I will be there with camera ready. I am the old guy without a beard and my name is Ray. Just ask and I will gladly go outside and get a picture of your group.

I would be delighted if we could shave about 10 degrees off of the whole forecast and keep what we have, plus turn the storm to mostly snow. If the weatherman can be wrong it would be nice if it went the right way. Hey I can wish..

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!