Friday 1-24-2020

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It is getting hard to keep track of the snow this week. When I went out late morning yesterday to start the truck I cleared about 3.5″ off of it. The measurement in the driveway at that point was almost 5″. That had not been cleared since last weekend. The total on the deck that included last Friday/Saturday’s snow was solidly a foot. It snowed another inch overnight.

This morning I see on the 6am news that there is more snow heading this way, and it looks like it could add up again based on the darker shading on the radar. We are expecting another inch today and maybe two more tonight. From the looks of the radar it might be more than an inch today.

At this point we have plenty of snow both on the snowmobile trails and on the road trails. Now it is up to the riders to make it rough and the groomers to smooth it all out again. The trails that I saw yesterday suggested that the groomers were winning, they looked great.

We got up to 32 degrees yesterday. It was comfortable, but there was no melting. We are at 32 at 6am, but it is only expected to get up to 33 today.

The NWS is looking for high temperatures of about 36 both Saturday and Sunday.

The High Falls radar runs for last weekend were postponed until this Saturday in hopes of better ice. The weather did not cooperate and the radar run has again been cancelled. The next one is February 8th.

I had listed a trailside cookout for Chute Pond this weekend but I am unable to find anything on it on their web site or FB page. Maybe I saw an old post or got the date wrong.

This Saturday is the Snow Fun Weekend with the Paul Bunyan Snowmobile Club in Lakewood. From their web site..

This Saturday January 25th is our Snow Fun Day at Waubee Lake Lodge.  Fishing contest starts at 7 am. You can pre register Friday at Pintchs Hardware, Mighty Fine Bait and Waubee Lake Lodge and again Saturday morning. Fish any lake in the area. We will have bucket raffles, 50-50 raffles and a meat raffle all starting at 1 pm. Proceeds are used for trail maintenance and grooming equipment.  Hope to see you there.

We have plenty of snow and very comfortable temperatures on tap for this weekend. As usual I will be at Rapids from about 1-4 or maybe 5pm. Stop in and get your picture taken and put on the web site next Monday.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!


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  1. Wow! This is what I call “climate change” – wait a few minutes and it WILL change! Last year @ this time, we were enjoying a polar vortex so hang on and let’s see what’s next……….

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