Friday 1-26-18 5pm

Greetings and welcome!


A trip to Lakewood/Townsend/Carter by car late afternoon found mostly intact trails along Hwy F. A few thin spots where the groomer hit a high spot were dirt but there were only a couple. The railroad grade was showing distress in the sunny spot north of Lakewood. There were a few other spots that were a little thin, other than that it was mostly snow with a gravel mix.

For what it was the weather smiled on us today. The clouds came in mid-day when the sun was really starting to do damage. The rain with the clouds mostly went around our area and it ended up mostly sprinkles or a brief shower. Today could have been a lot worse.

There will be some dirt n snirt but people are riding. Quite a few people rode this week and today, and with all of the events there will be more tomorrow. If you want better trails go up by Hwy 8, word on the trail is that they are really nice up that way.

I will be back at Rapids Resort from 12-5pm Saturday. I will have the camera along for group photos. Stop in if you are in the area.


The sun came out this morning and we did get into the low 40s. It already made some color to the trails and blew out some thin spots. Now it is starting to sprinkle. The only good news there is that the sprinkles came with significant cloud cover, taking the sun out of the equation.



2 thoughts on “Friday 1-26-18 5pm

  1. Ray,
    We rode Friday night (10pm) from Wausaukee to lake Noquebay it was about 45 degrees and the trails were WAY WAY above expectations. The service roads were fantastic. We only put 50 miles on late Friday night but they were good. Saturday we road west out of Wausaukee and rode trail 5 to Dunbar for lunch. Again the trails were way better then expected with several of the miles fantastic. We ended up with 120 miles on Friday. When the temps dropped the trails were getting solid. Had to put the ice scratchers out.
    Just a comment, up near Dunbar we saw a boat load of side by sides and quads. They tear the Holy Hell out of the trail and they are HUGE coming at you. I really don’t understand how they let them out on the snowmobile trails at all. I will start avoiding that area. They will definitely be losing my revenue.

  2. Thanx for the reports, Ray. We put a few hundred miles on this week south, west and north of Townsend and can honestly say the trails (groomed and fire lanes) were much better than we expected. Saddle up and RIDE!

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