Friday 11-3-17

Greetings and welcome!

We are under a snow watch here at the Big Snow Page. The NWS forecast has us for 3″ tonight and another inch in the morning.Later in the day it is expected to go to 40 with rain, so that snow might not last long. As of 7pm the snow is only one county away and heading this way.

The snow from Wednesday night didn’t survive Thursday except a few patches in shady spots. Overnight the snow turned to rain and by sunrise we were down to about 1/2″, most of which melted by afternoon.

Today’s travels took me up to Carter and Wabeno. They had 2-3″ of wet and heavy snow Wednesday night, enough that they plowed some roads and lots. There were a few snow piles as evidence but mostly bare ground.

We aren’t really ready for snow yet, the ground is not hard yet and even small puddles aren’t frozen yet. That should come soon. It is good to see some snow coming our way a couple of times a week though.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!