Friday 11-30-18

Greetings and welcome!
We are on snow watch this morning. There is a storm coming for Saturday night and Sunday that holds the potential for a 3-6″ snow, and maybe a little more. It isn’t a super strong storm, but it is a southern storm with a projected path that could bring meaningful snow.

Right now the TV says 1-1.5″, but up to 5″ a little south of here. The NWS is only predicting 3″ Saturday night, and having the snow end mid-day Sunday with unspecified totals.

With what I am seeing on the TV forecast animations and my model guidance I am going to be a little more generous. I am looking for a 3-6″ snow and maybe a little more if it goes that way. I’d be surprised by less than 3 or 4.

We had a light snow Wednesday night into Thursday that brought about 1/2″ followed by freezing drizzle Thursday afternoon and evening. It wasn’t much for accumulation but it sure made the roads a mess. Side roads that don’t get salt have the first installment of an ice base.

The 4:30am morning news just came on with their latest predictions. We could see 3.5″ in our area and as much as 8″ a little south of here.

An afterthought.. The cold and wind behind IL’s early week storm/blizzard was very likely good to the UP as far as lake effect snow. It was cold and windy and damp when I was on firewood detail Tue/Wed and some lake effect flurries made it here. It is my guess that areas east of Marquette were blessed but I really don’t know. Trails there can open Saturday.

That is it for now. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!