Friday 12-08-17

12am Saturday.. Less than 1/2″ down. It was pretty falling, but it made the roads ugly. Just under 1/2″ on my porch. RJB

Greetings and happy weekend!

There is snow on the radar tonight, but it looks like the first wave of it went to saturate the lower levels of the atmosphere enough to let snow actually hit the ground. It is snowing just a little as of 5pm. Prior to that it was just radar snow. You can see that the dusting on the car doesn’t square with the radar showing the first big wave already past us.

120817b 120817a


That’s ok, it will snow. The latest prediction from the TV weather channel is 2.3″, the NWS’s forecast says around 3″.

What does fall will be with us for a while. We are only a couple of weeks away from the winter solstice, so the sun angle is low and the days are short. If you look at the TV forecast graphic, those numbers are for Green Bay, and we are usually a little colder. I don’t see anything in the next week that will melt snow.

We have had a cold week. We haven’t had high temps past about 25 since Monday, and lows were in the mid-teens. Today was the first day that the wind wasn’t a big factor. I spent a lot of time in the work shed evenings this week and was pretty cold as the strong wind blowing 11-17 degree air came from the west and stole my heat.

The cold is not lost on the great outdoors. The Peshtigo River was open and running high at the beginning of the week, and was frozen tight this morning. With no snow the cold week had to make some frost in the ground and ice on the lakes. Is it enough? Personally I’d take another week like we just had before the snow came if I got to write the script, but it is a good start.

I might get my wish, plus or minus a few inches. The first real big storm is out about 15 days on the GFS forecast model. There are a couple of small clipper type disturbances like tonight showing every few days, but no big storms are shown in the immediate future. Those 1-3″ snows can add up.

For now we wait..

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!