Friday Night 12-20-13



We probably saw pretty close to 3″ of snow this afternoon and tonight. It is a little puffy, but not bad. This is shaping up like it might be one of the best early season/holiday stretches in years.

But wait..

Sunday’s storm is looking slightly better.. the NAM model is moving the low as far north as Chicago. It still isn’t in the 6+ zone for us yet, but it should bring meaningful snow (3+). It will be big where it hits.  Most of my guidance says that the big stuff will be from Green Bay south, but it is moving in the right direction.

Gotta run.. again..


AM Update

Greetings and welcome!
It is snowing as of 4am, and we have an inch or so down already. Looking at the radar we could see another inch before it is done.

All eyes are on the Sunday storm, possibly our first big snow of the year. Some forecasts are looking for 4-8 or possibly more, but as of right now I am not seeing it. The forecast models are constantly pushing the storm well to the south of the target zone.

I am always up for a pleasant surprise, but at the same time I have to stay grounded a little. I could see it pushing a little north and giving us some snow, but right now I’d hesitate to predict more than 2-4 or 3-5.

From what I am seeing you can ride pretty good conditions from about Athelstane west and north. Our 8″ snow a few weeks ago that got knocked down by a bunch of rain that followed it set up a decent base, and the little snows have been adding up. Reports have the trails good conditions with the exception of some rough areas where there just isn’t enough snow for the groomers to fill in all of the ruts and terrain features yet. That will come with more snow.  The back roads have a nice layer of ice on them and are way ahead of normal for this time of year.