Friday 12-28-18

Greetings and welcome!

We had more rain overnight including a couple of moderately heavy lines of it. Temperatures stayed in the mid-40s. A look out the front window at 5am I find a couple of inches of well saturated snow and some puddling in low spots. It is a very sloppy mess.

This is all going to start freezing this afternoon as temperatures drop. Tonight’s overnight low is forecast to be 9ยบ with a high of about 20 Saturday. Whatever is there at sunset will be there for a while once it freezes in. There is a little snow coming with the cold. The TV says 1/4 to 1/2″.

People traveling to the area for the weekend will want to watch out for icy roads as temperatures drop and conditions change. I am expecting some pretty icy side roads in particular where the towns use little or no salt. The county crews were very busy yesterday in my neighborhood trying to keep the rain from turning frozen roads into glare ice. Sidewalks and parking lots were wicked as the rain hit the frozen ground.

In the end this storm will help our cause with an ice base. It was not the foot plus of snow that would kick off our season in style, but it should help in the long run. In the short term watch out for icy roads, sidewalks and parking lots.

Have a great weekend and thank you for visiting!

One thought on “Friday 12-28-18”

  1. Skunked again!!! At least the puddling should fill in the low spots leaving us a nice ice base and should make for flat trails once we get some fluff. Thanks again Ray for keeping us weekend warriors posted on the up north happenings.

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