Friday 12-3-2021

Friday 12-3-2021

Greetings and welcome!

The meltdown of the last two days was pretty catastrophic for our snow. In places that didn’t melt down there is 2-3″ of hard snow that was slushy yesterday prior to last night’s cool down. That will be good for us. Plowed roads and sunny spots went pretty much bare again.

Last night brought only a light dusting of snow, but at 10am there is light snow falling. The radar shows some promise but the NWS says less than 1/2″ of accumulation.

The real focus is on Sunday’s storm.

That one shows some promise. Right now it looks to me like a 2-4″ storm with a good bit more very possible. Also of note is that the storm will be developing and strengthening as it passes over us. That makes it hard to predict. If it strengthens enough while its here, buckle up. It does go on to be a pretty strong storm, and the back of the storm could bring extra snow and a lot of  wind. On the European model the isobars are really tightly packed over us for Sunday night and Monday. That will likely mean some blowing and drifting for us, but it could also mean some significant lake effect snow for the UP.

The GFS forecast model is fairly close to the European, but the North American model is a lot less intense in its prediction of the storm. That is the 2-4″ end of it.

Which one is right? I don’t know. Hopefully things get a lot clearer in future model runs. You know that I will be watching.

Have a good Friday and thank you for visiting!